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Actionable Insights

What Pharma Companies
are Saying & Doing Now

COVID-19 has changed nearly every aspect of healthcare as we know it. Pharmaceutical commercial organizations must quickly adapt to the present while simultaneously planning for a dramatically different future.

From changes in professional and consumer communications to the evolution of point of care to the future of the field force, brand launches, and beyond, this whitepaper is a comprehensive report on what your peers are saying and doing now, and how they’re preparing for what’s next. Plus, best practices, opportunities, and insights, with actions you can take today to secure your brand’s future tomorrow.

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“Never allow a good crisis to go to waste.
It’s an opportunity to do the things you once thought
were impossible.”
— Rahm Emanuel


A Strong Partnership

Intouch Group + DHC Group

The Aftermath: COVID-19 Insights & Recommendations is a partnership between Intouch Group and DHC Group, based on third-party qualitative and quantitative research, including dozens of interviews with industry experts and thought leaders. This whitepaper was created to provide insightful and practical guidance to pharma marketing and communications professionals like you.

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